Black Death was ‘triggered by ASTEROID impact and could reoccur TODAY’, scientist claims


                                                             An artist’s impression of an asteroid impact                                                      AP

THE devastating Black Death which killed hundreds of millions of people in the 14th century may have been triggered by an asteroid impact, scientists have sensationally claimed. The shocking revelation threatens to debunk one of the biggest chunks of British history and turn the world of science and academia on its head. And experts warn another collision with Earth could happen “at any moment” sparking an outbreak of disease capable of wiping out entire populations. History has for centuries claimed the Black Death which led to the gruesome deaths of up to 200 million people in Europe was carried by rats and fleas. Its victims were covered in huge weeping boils, swollen lymph glands, gangrene and rotting limbs and eventually succumbed to a slow an painful death.Read Full Article

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