Christian Persecution

Rick Wiles: “New Dark Age Is Here, The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Are Ready To Ride


During the first half of TruNews from February 16, 2014, Rick Wiles speak to the brutal beheadings of 21 Egyptian Christians, telling listeners that the “new dark age” has started. Wiles informs us that “if the Four Horsemen of the Apocalype are not yet riding, they have certainly mounted their horses and are awaiting to be released.”

We’re reminded of a bizarre incident from the Egyptian Arab Spring protests and riotsin 2011, where in the midst of a live broadcast, millions witnessed a pale green figure, an apparation of a horse and rider, which some called some weird camera shadow, others called it a hoax, but to which Wiles states he never thought it was a hoax or a shadow, but he saw it as an omen…. the Four Horsemen of the Apocalype were preparing to ride. Wiles believed then and still believes the “pale green rider” brings death, destruction, before he states again “The New Dark Age is here!”

The video Wiles speaks of is shown directly below, the incident with the green horse and rider starts at approximately the 1:17 minute mark.

After the first commercial break, starting at around the 12:00 minute mark, Wiles speak to the dangerous political correctness the world is facing, specifically in America where any any denunciation of Islamic radicalism is censored, before he is joined by Robert Wilcox, author of “Patton” who denounces this censorship as they discuss the ramifications of this type of political correctness.

Via Wiles website description he states “Franklin Graham is right. The storm is coming!”

In the thrid part of the TruNews show below, nutrition scientist Dr. Woodrow Monte explains how methanol in aspartame is the leading cause of autism, auto-immune disorders and birth defects.

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