United Nations Headquarters to be moved to Israel


UN-NYC-Enhanced1-713x330In what many will view as a surprising move, the UN has voted to relocate its headquarters to Israel. According to recent U.S. polls, Americans feel that the UN has overstayed its Manhattan visit. One Alabama resident told the Israeli Daily, “Yup, they’ve been here since 1952. 51 years is long enough! Wait, what’s 2015 minus 1952?” After nearly 63 years in the heart of New York City, the UN’s General Assembly voted on Israel as its next location. Many Israelis are thrilled at the UN’s decision. “With 17,500 resolutions against Israel, I thought they hated us,” said Tel Aviv’s Mayor. “It’s like, the whole world loves us now!” Not all Israelis agree, though. According to Israel’s hardline and pudgy Foreign Minister, “Allowing the headquarters of the UN to come here means we have to give up more territory. Watch, they’ll want a beachfront location just like the U.S. Embassy. Read Full Article

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