Take-Your-Money-Out-of-the-Bank-While-You-Still-Can I received a confidential phone call on behalf of a source not wanting to go public. A prime source of his reported that for September, 2015, there is an apparent plan to seize the money out of larger bank accounts in America and transfer this money to Wash., D.C. I do not laugh at such a statement as I know personally the source who supplied the one calling me with this information.

Also, I am reminded that when President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared his “Banker’s Holiday” in America, my mother told me what happened to her then. She had been a child actress and accumulated a respectable sum of money. She had $300,000 in a New York City bank during the Depression which started in 1928 and suddenly President Roosevelt in 1933 closed the banks down for a few days of a declared “banking holiday.” When the banks reopened, she found $5,000 was all that remained in her bank account and $295,000 had suddenly disappeared. The $5,000 was the amount required I understand for the federally insured amount of her bank account at that time.

I studied economics with six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe including a German economist endorsed by Albert Einstein when alive. No banks in America were prosecuted for stealing of the money of the American people deposited with them. The reason why no prosecution was that the banks did not steal the missing money which disappeared from bank accounts all over America. Rather Wash., D.C. stole the money and the trusting American people never caught on to what had just happened to them as they could not believe that Wash., D.C. would ever steal their main money in life from them. The main money was turned over to international central bankers such as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc. Read Full Article

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