When Adam Plays God: Why Transhumanism Won’t End Well


transhumanism-149In 2000, Craig Venter, along with Francis Collins, joined then-president Clinton in announcing the mapping of the human genome. Since then, Venter has been a leader in the field of synthetic biology, a multi-disciplinary field related to genetic engineering. And what he recently told the Wall Street Journal sent chills down my spine. Venter said, “We’re going to have to learn to adapt to the concept that we are a software-driven species and understand how it affects our lives. Change the software, you can change the species, who we are.”The Journal’s selected headline of the article described how we can now “control our evolution,” which because evolution is supposed to be an unguided process, must be a misnomer. What Venter was actually describing would be better characterized as playing Creator to everyone else’s Adam. Read Full Article