Turmeric Compound May Fight Root Cause Behind ‘Thousands of Diseases’


turmeric_powder_plate_735_350If the natural health world had any impact on you during 2014, it was probably the simple incorporation of health-boosting foods and spices. One of those foods everyone should have stockpiled is turmeric – a spice largely studied for its healing properties. But in case past research didn’t stick, a newly released study is here to show once again how turmeric and its active compound curcumin can inhibit what is considered a leading factor for the development of disease – inflammation.

Inflammation has actually been referred to as the ‘mother of most major chronic disease.’ It is a silent epidemic effecting millions of people, causing a wide range of ailments. To test for it, doctors use indirect methods by measuring blood levels of C-reactive protein, a pro-inflammatory marker, and homocysteine levels. Read Full Article


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