It Is Now Possible to Predict When Putin Will Attack the United States leader, Angela Merkel is saying all the right things as she professes to be attempting to shore up western unity with regard to the crisis in Ukraine. However, Merkel is caught between a rock and a hard place. Germany receives a substantial portion of its gas from Russia and the majority of that gas flows through Ukraine. Currently, there is no nation on the face of the planet, outside of Ukraine, that needs this crisis brought to a conclusion than Germany. And this crisis needs to be resolved, sooner rather than later.

Putin has made overtures to Germany in the past which would encourage Germany to forsake its Western alliances (i.e. the EU and NATO) and strike a beneficial deal with regard to obtaining its gas supplies from Russia at bargain basement prices.

An examination of the following “tale of the tape” shows that the loss of Germany to Russia would significantly change the military balance of power. China has already been lost to Russia and now it appears that Turkey will soon follow suit. Read Full Article

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