Survey: How many globalists avoid eating GMOs, drinking tap water and getting injected with vaccines?

01-red-question-markA globalist, in general terms, might be defined as someone who advocates planning of economic and foreign policy in relation to developments throughout the world. Most will claim their efforts are “for the greater good” or to “feed a starving world” — or something to that effect — but do they really “care,” or are they only in it for the money (and control), with a publicized plan that they would NEVER and don’t ever engage themselves? That’s the question. A question of ethics and common sense then comes up.

Wouldn’t it be great if, right now, we could polygraph test every globalist and ask them three prolific questions? If each and every one of them had to tell the truth of what they know about Western food, tap water and allopathic medicine choices, well, you can be sure that the results would be mind-blowing and change the way most Americans function from day to day. Read Full Article


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