Wow! Ouija Board Predicts Death of a Mother and Daughter and You Won’t Believe What Happens Next

Ouija-Board-Copy-e1423236085932Back in October 2014 the motion picture movie Ouija, a horror film that depicted a group of teenagers who engage with an Ouija board, was released to the public and swept the box office competition. Despite its negative reviews people still flocked to see the movie mystified by the darkness that surrounded the Ouija board itself.

Rumors and secrets have flourished over the years and teenagers have often ventured into the world of the occult using the Ouija as their guide. Sadly many have been injured and hurt and innocent, unsuspecting victims have opened up portals to the dark dimensions of Lucifer himself and allowed everything from demon possession to demonic interaction…or at least that is what many believe….The question needs to be asked, is this illusive game as evil as many believe it is and does it really open portals to the satanic realm? While some people believe it is all a hoax, I personally believe it can.

In the video below Paul Begley dives into the horrors released by a demon when a mother and daughter engage the Ouija board game. Not only does it predict their death but what happens after that is terrifying.

Needless to say you should not engage, play, or own a Ouija board game. If you do, please consider burning it. Don’t allow the demon a foothold in your home.

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