Research Finds The Key to ‘Turning On or Off’ Your Immune System

leeks_food_Green_735_350It is a widely held belief that all someone needs to do to contract an infection, such as one caused by a virus, is to come into contact with an infected patient. However, it’s important to realize that these pathogens are only able to successfully invade and take hold within our bodies if our immune systems are weak. Thankfully, there are countless ways to boost immunity and fend off disease, one of these being to increase production or intake of mannose-binding lectins.

Mannose-binding lectins are produced by a healthy immune system, for the purpose of breaking apart glycoproteins that enable many viruses, certain bacteria, and some yeasts to hide from immune cells and penetrate cell membranes. Once a virus penetrates a cell, it wreaks havoc by hijacking the DNA and RNA in order to turn the cell into a virus-cloning factory. Read Full Article


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