China Is Deepening Its Foothold In Africa

china-africaBy Salman Rafi Sheikh – No country has so rapidly and so successfully penetrated in Africa in the last two decades or so as China has. Not only has China managed to take over economic ‘supervision’ of Africa, but has now started to deploy its military in the region too. China may be Africa’s biggest trade partner, but it has generally taken an arm’s length approach to the continent’s conflicts and domestic difficulties. However, 2015 has witnessed a dramatic shift in this policy. China is now committing 700 combat troops to South Sudan to help bring peace to the world’s newest nation. And on January 12, 2015, it sent Wang Yi, the foreign minister, to help mediate talks between South Sudan’s warring factions. The obvious reason for China to involve politically and military is that China has invested billions of dollars in South Sudan, particularly in its oil production.  Read Full Article

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