1911678_378402038967378_707763988_nWith the measles now coming back strongly in America and even the Super Bowl at risk, Hawk warns that medical martial law is coming to America as a vaccination ‘police state’ is being set-up all around us. With warnings now going out that those who refuse their vaccinations will be refused medical treatment, Hawk tells us that he believes this is the way that we’ll be coerced into taking futher vaccinations and the ‘kill shot’ will be introduced to help further the depopulation agenda of the New World Order.

With millions of Americans awakening to the dangers of vaccinations and the medical establishment now hitting back hard against those who refuse to get vaccinated, Hawk reminds us of the mutations now being undergone by Ebola and the strong possibility that the disease has already been weaponized while also bringing up the possibility that a weaponized disease with a 10-15 day incubation period could be released on Sunday in Arizona at the Super Bowl, infecting everyone there for them to go back to their homes, spreading the disease to family, friends and co-workers.

At the 9 minute mark, Hawk brings up what he calls the ‘fake snow’ that has been falling upon much of America recently, snowflakes that when looked at under the microscope looks like a 6-sided star, leading Hawk to tell us that if you put 3 of the snowflakes together, we get 6-6-6, another sign of the unfolding luciferian agenda.

Source: Allnewspipeline