Billy Graham’s Grandson Urges Church to ‘Wake Up’

Wake Up ChurchIn Ferguson, Missouri, burned buildings still lay in piles of rubble, a silent testament to the violence that engulfed the city following the death of Michael Brown and the subsequent grand jury decision.

A crossbeam that once held a roof aloft now sits crookedly on the ground, spray painted with the simple words, “Jesus Help Us!”

On Sunday, Jan. 25, hundreds of Christians of various races from across Ferguson and the greater St. Louis area joined with area pastors and political leaders to cry out with the same message. This gathering, called “We Are One,” focused on repentance, reconciliation and unity.

From the very beginning of the event, the name of Jesus was lifted up as the answer to racism.

Will Graham, grandson of Billy Graham, joined with Dr. Tony Evans of Dallas, Bishop Harry Jackson Jr. of Washington, D.C., Aeneas Williams (NFL Hall of Famer and St. Louis area pastor) and others in calling those in the audience to draw their hope and truth from Christ alone.

During his allotted time near the beginning of the program, Will Graham urged repentance.

“As a church we’ve lost our first love. Instead of putting Jesus Christ at the forefront of everything we do, we put ourselves up front,” Graham said. “My friends, we need to repent. As leaders, how can we ever expect to have the community experience repentance if we don’t repent ourselves?

“The church has fallen asleep. It’s not just a problem in Ferguson, or a problem in St. Louis, or in America, but around the world.” Read Full Article

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