ScientistsThe Ebola virus is MUTATING, and ‘could become more contagious’

  • Researchers in France believe the Ebola virus is showing signs of mutating.
  • Team have been tracing the virus’ spread throughout Guinea.
  • Experts say it is ‘not surprising’ the virus is changing – it is like HIV and influenza which tend to mutate quickly.


Scientists tracking the spread of the Ebola in West Africa have warned the virus is showing signs of mutating, and could become more contagious.
It was a team of researchers from the Institut Pasteur in France who first identified the outbreak in Guinea, in March last year.
Patient zero – the first person to be infected – has been identified as two-year-old Emile Ouamouno from the rural village of Meliandou.
He died four days after he fell ill with a sky-high fever and vomiting in December 2013.
Just weeks later his sister succumbed to the disease, followed by their mother and grandmother. Read Full Article