What Is Biological Warfare

WiseGeek rapidthreataBiological warfare, also referred to as germ warfare, is the use of harmful microorganisms such as viruses or bacteria by military factions or terrorists against, civilians, opposing militaries, crops or animals. The organisms that are used may work by producing harmful poisons or toxins either before or after they are dispatched. It may not be necessary to release a large amount a biological weapon, since some types of deadly agents have the potential to kill even millions of people by releasing only trace amounts. Biological warfare may be used in several different ways by a military outfit or other people with harmful intentions. The most common perception of the use of biological agents is that they are intended to kill massive amounts of soldiers and civilians, but there are many ways that they could be utilized. Less harmful germs could possibly be distributed among enemy soldiers to make them too sick to fight. Another effective use of microorganisms is to use them to kill or damage the food crops of the enemy for the purpose of cutting off their food supply, and this can include livestock as well as major plant-based food staples.  Read Full Article Also

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