Artificial Intelligence

The Ethics Of The ‘Singularity’

ai-97f898bf9300f00d2b7bcc41297dd6fa64b75f39-s700-c85When machines, smarter than us, make machines smarter than them, futurists argue, the ‘singularity’ will have arrived. Commentator Alva Noë, a skeptic, wonders about imparting values — and control.

Some people argue that we will one day reach a point when our machines, which will have become smarter than us, will be able themselves to make machines that are smarter than them. Superintelligence — an intelligence far-outreaching what we are in a position even to imagine — will come on the scene. We will have attained what is known, in futurist circles, as the “singularity.” The singularity is coming. So some people say.

There are singularity optimists and singularity pessimists. The optimists — I think we can rank Ray Kurzweil in this camp — envision a future in which real artificial intelligence helps rid the world of disease and extends our own lives beyond frail biological limitations.Read Full Article