Steve Quayle – Tom Horn What Lies Ahead In 2015

Steve Quayle and Tom Horn Talk With Doug and Joe Hagmann on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report about what lies ahead in 2015 and also about Steve’s new book “Little Creatures: The Gates of Hell are Opening” – January 7th 2015 / 

Little Creatures like many other children in the world, I grew up with exposure to the fairy tales and legends found everywhere from books to cartoons to movies. On occasion, stories were also told around a campfire, very much like the first ones likely were in the distant past. Some of these tales were innocent,some were blood-curdling, but few were boring. Since then, I’ve spent much of my life digging like an archeologist into the truth behind the various legends, myths, and fairy tales of ancient cultures around the world. Often these stories feature various types of little creatures, often eerily similar from one period and geographical location to another throughout the world. Many readers may be surprised to learn that, until the last hundred years, a large segment of the world’s population, including a large percentage of those in Western nations, believed not just in the supernatural, but specifically in real beings like elves, fairies, gnomes, and the like. As historian Carole G. Silver has noted, believers were not limited to gypsies, fisher folk, rural cottagers, country parsons, and Irish mystics. Antiquarians of the romantic era had begun the quest for fairies, and throughout Victoria’s reign advocates of fairy existence and investigators of elfin origins included numerous scientists, social scientists, historians, theologians, artists, and writers.

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