T20-china-df-21-missileshe following is a translation from Chinese state media: says in its report: The DF-21 series of ballistic missiles are China’s most advanced ballistic missiles, with accuracy close to cruise missiles. They are capable of destroying US military bases in Japan. Among them, the DF-21D is the PLA’s means to deal with US aircraft carrier battle groups.

According to US intelligence, the DF-21 and DF-21A missiles carry nuclear warheads, and respectively have ranges of at least 1,770 and 2,150 km, while the DF-21C carries conventional warheads and has a maximum range of 1,770 km. The anti-ship DF-21D has a range of 1,450 km, but some [unspecified] US media says its range is 3,000 km. Read Full Article