Biotech companies to use “genome editing” to circumvent GMO regulations

dna-lab-tech-1Before you protest against genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and march against everything which they stand for, it’s important to know some of the many ways in which companies and their scientists are modifying nature, patenting it, and profiting from it. First, there’s the most controversial method of genetic engineering which uses genes from an external, foreign source of DNA which is inserted into the genome of a crop like corn. Monsanto is the multinational corporation leading the way in this category. Some genetic changes are intended to give the corn insecticide-like properties, but by changing the natural properties of corn, scientists have raised several ethical questions. How do these DNA changes affect the ecology of the environment? How do these genetic changes affect humans’ DNA when the corn is consumed? How do these insecticide properties affect the corn’s nutrition quality and its ability to absorb nutrients from the soil? Read Full Article